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Fic of the Dead

We are the Next Generation

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Anybody , Moderated
Posting rules:

1)LJ Cut all stories-If you clog Trace's Flist she will hunt you down, guaranteed
2)Please leave disclaimers for anything that would be beyond an R rating from hollywood. So any excessive violence, language, sex or whatever, please kindly mention in the cut line or at the top of the story.
3)This community is for fun...however the stories herein are the property of the author who has written them and can not be copied or used without the express written permission of the author and this site.
4)When posting your stuff please make sure its listed so only friends of the site can see. If people want to read they are welcome to join us.

We're going Friends only So please join if you want to enjoy the stories and PLEASE....Feel free to contibute.